Thursday, 22 March 2012

Flames Above The Falklands

With all the recent coverage of the Falklands, including a rather good BBC documentary on the Black Buck Vulcan mission the other day, I've found myself thinking about the possibilities of the Wings At War rules again, specifically the Flames Above the Falklands variant of the rules.

I've always had second thoughts about gaming this particular conflict, as I remember it well from my teenage years, especially as I grew up a stones throw from Plymouth. For a long time the whole thing seemed a little too close to home to be acceptable as a wargame project, especially when you consider the underlying political aspect of the war and it's immediate impact upon the lives of a lot of people, both British and Argentinian.

Anyway, time is a great leveller, so perhaps it's less emotive as a potential wargaming project. I'm not going to be gaming Iraq or Afghanistan at any point in the immediate future but I can see myself having a crack at some Falklands air warfare, given the excuse to order some more of the excellent Tumbling Dice 1/600th scale planes, which is something that I found myself doing yesterday.


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  1. I’ve always had a strange connection to that conflict as it was really the first conflict that I followed everyday in the newspaper. It took place when I was 10, but it had big impact on me as it cemented my interest in all things military and specifically naval combat and my future education in international relations. I would really like to see your Falklands project come to fruition.