Sunday, 4 March 2012


I rummaged in the leadpile today and found the box of Crusader Normans that I originally acquired several years ago for WAB. I didn't have enough figures for a decent army then but I do now, if I use them for a SAGA four point warband. In fact, I have all that I need plus a few spare figures to add some variety to the set up.

The thing that put me off SAGA in the first place was the cost of the rules and, in particular, the special dice set that you need for each faction. If I wanted to play solo I'd need to fork out £24 quid on dice alone, which seems a bit extortionate to say the least. I know you can print out your own on sticky labels then attach them to spare D6 but, to be honest, that seems a bit of a time consuming, make do option.

Anyway, now that I have some potential opposition, I've decided to splash out on one set of SAGA dice so that I can try out the mechanisms before I play the game for real at the club in couple of weeks. I've ordered the Norman set along with some Little Big Man 28mm shield decals from Crusader, so that I can put together a Norman warband at some point later in the year.

Apparently, the next release by Gripping Beast for the SAGA rules will be a supplement including Bretons and 'proper' Anglo Saxons. This is very tempting as I wrote my undergraduate dissertation on the westward expansion of Wessex in the eighth to ninth century, so it's something I'm particularly interested in. My wife is also from Brittany so I could potentially put together a third SAGA warband, as the Normans will be ideal as opponents or allies for the Bretons.

Oh dear.

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