Saturday, 3 March 2012

Ongoing Saga?

In the latest issue of Wargames, Soldiers and Strategy, which is the best of the current crop of wargaming magazines in my humble opinion, there's a very good set of linked articles for the SAGA rules by Gripping  Beast. I bought a copy of the rules at Warfare back in November but haven't given them much further thought since then.

However, a new club member has offered to set up a game in a couple of weeks, so I'll have a chance to try them out for the first time. If I get the hang of the rules and like the feel of the game I may very put together a warband of some sort later in the year. Needless to say, I have more than enough figures for Vikings, Saxons and Normans in the leadpile, all originally destined for WAB Shieldwall.

I'm leaning toward a Norman warband at the moment, given the availabilty of the (very expensive) dice set and the fact that I have some very nice Crusader Norman figures in a box somewhere. On the other hand, I really should get some Gladiators painted up first, not to mention the long lost Darkest Africa project? A SAGA warband shouldn't take too long to do after all?


  1. Saga is a great game! I do think the Dice and Rule Book is slightly over priced, even by GW standards. But it's a game I could see myself playing for years to come.

  2. I too have not yet tried the Saga ruleset. A tad strange given my interest in Medieval warfare in general....

    I must get 'round to getting a game in soon!!