Saturday, 24 March 2012

BKC Italian Air Support

I found a 1/144th scale Sweet Macchi C200AS kit in the loft the other day, to use as ground attack air support for the Italians. The kit includes two models and some cracking decals, so I could make up a flight of fighter bombers rather then having just the one. The models have a small number of components and look pretty simple to construct, so I'll have a crack at them over the weekend.

I also bought a 1/144th Altaya diecast Fiat BR20 bomber from a a seller on ebay. I hunted around for one that wasn't too expensive and found a 'Buy It Now' listing for just over eight quid. I''m planning to use it for either parachute drops or for sitting on an airfield runway, mainly just as a prop for visual effect. I'm not too bothered that it's a bomber rather than a transport, as it looks good either way.

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  1. Sweet models are great. Have a couple of their Hurricane's one is moulded completely in clear resin and I so want to do it as a ghost hurri! :-)