Wednesday, 7 March 2012

SAGA Normans

I've been organising a warband for SAGA out of the Crusader Normans that I have stashed at the bottom of the leadpile. I have a bit of a top heavy selection, with lots of armoured infantry and cavalry, together with a decent number of unarmoured spearmen but with only a handful of archers. This means that I could do something with six points that looks like this:

12 hearthguard (knights mounted with lances or dismounted with spears) = 3 points

16 warriors (unarmoured spearmen) = 2 points

12 levy (bowmen) = 1 point

This would mean buying a pack of bowmen, which I'd rather not do, so instead, I might do something like this to field a basic four point force:

8 hearthguard (as above) = 2 points

8 warriors (as above) = 1 point

8 warriors (bowmen) = 1 point

I haven't decided yet but to least I've worked out what might be possible and can get on with something once the Bag The MiG project is shifted. I may very well take the 28mm Normans off to France at Easter to get cleaned up and based, ready for painting later in April.

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