Monday, 19 March 2012

BKC Aegean Italians [14]

I realised yesterday that I'd forgotten to include any tows for the support weapons, having read through the campaign briefing for the first time. Luckily I had some Pendraken trucks in the box so quickly cleaned them up and based them before I started marking this evening. This gives me enough for two battalions worth of transport, so I'm a bit short if I have to deploy more than two battalions at a go. 

The Paratroopers and glider borne infantry will, therefore, be foot slogging and man-hauling their support weapons around, which seems like an appropriate set up anyway. The coastal defence battalion will get some WW1 vintage horse drawn limbers when they eventually arrive from Pendraken, so this will make up the numbers and enable them to retreat even quicker than usual.

I now have four battalions based up but only one painted. I really should do another battalion to represent the mountain unit / commandos but I'm stuck for suitable figures to make them look different from the existing regular and gliderborne units. I may try to do some sort of X-MAS naval commando force if I can find some suitable beret wearing figures in the SCW range.

The alternative would be to do more headswapping or conversion work, perhaps to add alpini style feathers and hats, although that sounds like a total pain in the backside and probably not worth the effort involved. I'm sure I can work out something or just make do with what I've got, especially if I don't deploy all my battalions together.

Finally, I've been fiddling around this evening with a washer and some command vehicles for the CO base, which I also neglected to sort out earlier. I'm not too happy with it but it'll probably have to do, given the diminishing ammount of time I have before the campaign starts and my current work schedule.


  1. Wow, how small are these miniatures? That looks like amazing detail sat on a washer! I just don't know how you chap manage to paint these up.

  2. It's a pretty big washer!

    They are nice models though and pretty easy to paint up.