Thursday, 8 March 2012

Back of Beyond Campaign Winner!

The last turn game in the Back of Beyond campaign was played out on Tuesday night at the club. The original plan was to run the campaign for a full six turns but, in the end, it reached a conclusion in five. I could have run a further turn but, with only four active players left in the running, it would have been a bit superfluous. There's a BKC campaign starting after Easter too, so it was about time to draw a line and declare a winner.

In the end, the front runner in the race to Kashgar was Andy, representing Major Cholmondley Warner of the British Museum Archaeological expedition. In second place was David, in the role of Colonel Bannister VC, of the British Indian Army 'Bannisterforce'. In third place was Colin, playing the part of Commander Henri Lostagaine of the Citroen-Kegresse Trans Asia expedition.

The Texan Oil Prospecting expedition, under the leadership of 'JR' Jock Ewing (Snr), came fourth, which was better than I expected. Finally, the Chinese Warlord Wu Tang came in fifth, although Adrian's army was last seen wandering around the desert somewhere in Turn Two. There was also a special mention for Chris who, as Colonel Tchestikov of the Bolsheviks, had to drop out of the campaign for unavoidable reasons.

I enjoyed running the campaign and, even though I lost or drew in most of the games, I had some good battles. The 'dinosaur hunter' expedition army was a refreshing change from my usual Bolshevik force and provided some interesting tactical challenges. I'm thinking of adding a third army to my Back of Beyond collection for future games, probably a British Indian column as it has lots of cool vehicles, although I don't expect to run another campaign at the club.

There's a final BIG finale to the campaign planned for April to round things off. This will be a large multiplayer set up involving at least four players and most of the factions in the campaign, so it should be fun and a fitting way to round off what has been a pretty good show.

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