Wednesday, 2 January 2013

AK47 Scrapyard

While clearing out the shelves under the workbench this morning, I came across a lonely box of AK47 stuff that I had abandoned years ago, having screwed up the painting to such a degree that the only option was to stash it away and forget about the whole sorry episode.

However, a splash of cheapo Homebase paint stripper and a bit of a brush up later, resulted in a small but handy collection of Peter Pig armour and artillery for the current AK47 Superpower project. I'm feeling not a little virtuous as a result, although I have yet to re-assemble let alone paint anything.

A positive start to 2013 nonetheless!


  1. How about up-armouring Sherman with reactive armour? Nothing to do with history or game effect, but might look fancy :P

    And for further notice, Im a big fan of your AK47 projects - I didnt find the game itself so fascinating and decided to go with FoF-system instead with my club and another "Africa that didnt happen"-campaign, but I do found your AK-projects highly inspirating.

  2. Good idea!

    Thanks for the encouragement..AK47 is the current project, so I hope there's some more inspiring stuff coming soon.