Friday, 25 January 2013

Books, Books, Books..and more Books

In case you were worried that my new found love affair with the Kindle Fire HD had somehow tempered by book fetish, you can rest re-assured. I have a trip into town on Friday afternoon after work, ostensibly to take the boys to their Judo lessons, but in reality so that I can pilfer the shelves of the excellent Oxfam charity bookshop. It's on the way to the sports centre after all.

Anyway, over the last few couple of weeks I've assembled a rather splendid collection of pristine hardback second hand books, which collectively set me back a little over fifteen quid. I feel a little sheepish about this, as I suspect they belonged to a military history enthusiast who is now longer with us. However, it all goes to a very good humanitarian cause and the various volumes have now found a very good home.

I will be saving these for the holidays, when I have the ever rare time and concentration to appreciate their worth, without dropping off after a chapter or so. I'm a total novice when it comes to things Malburian, so I'm looking forward to some historical enlightenment, although that was a bit later on. I'm also keen to brush up on my Napoleonics, so Richard Holmes' biography of Wellington is a definite front runner.

If only I had the time!

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  1. You're lucky. The thrift stores around here have a good deal of fiction, but not so much on the non-fiction front. I would love to find books like that at a Goodwill.