Friday, 11 January 2013

Bag the Hun Malta Game Two [2]

I have been thinking about the scenario for the Bag the Hun 2 game next week for quite a while but have yet to sit down and actually write it up. As a result, it's about time that I worked out the finer details and sorted out the various resources that I need for the game on Tuesday.

I've selected a dogfight on the 21st November 1941 as the focus for the scenario, with the  'A' Flight Hurricanes of 185 Squadron up against MC.200's of 54o Stormo and the MC.202's of 9o Gruppo, 97a Squadriglia. The scenario will focus on the early morning efforts of 'A' Flight to bounce a formation of five MC200's, which were actually bait for a failed counter bounce by five MC202's.

The end result was a bizarre encounter in which the Italians peformed an array of superb per-war display aerobatics, including 'rolls over the top' and 'bunting' (whatever that is), whilst the gobsmacked pilots of the RAF zoomed around the sky in a state of complete amazement.

Anyway,  I think it'll make a jolly good sceanrio and I'll be working out the various arcane permutations over the weekend, using the combat reports from invaluable book 185: The Malta Squadron, and the excellent Italian Biplane Aces website that I mined for the previous scenario.

I've worked out the various pilot ID's for 'A' Flight and for the 97a Squadriglia, but the 54 Stormo MC200 pilots are a complete mystery. I also need to think about the entry points for the different units, although this is fairly easy to determine once you cross reference the different post action reports with the relative position of the different combatants.

I'm not going to give too much away, in case the enemy is listening, but the position of the sun won't be a significant factor in the game...

Tally Ho!


  1. Interesting combat. To see the italians performing those aerobatics must have been an amazing show!!

  2. Sounds interesting.... a 'Bunt' IIRC, is an outside loop - nosing right over rather than pulling up into a loop.... pretty cool!