Thursday, 17 January 2013

Full Thrust Mini Project [1]

This weekend I've decided to try to paint up a small flotilla of ships for Full Thrust. It's snowing at the moment and it looks like I'll have the day off tomorrow as the school will be closed, so I have a rare window of opportunity in which to speed paint some of the GZG or Brigade Models spaceships that I have stashed away. This fits really well with my 'things not figures' cunning plan and should be feasible in little more than a weekend.

I'm not planning anything flash but will be going for a production line undercoat, drybrush and wash approach in order to churn out the fleet at something approach FTL speed. I have some ideas for the paint scheme and the identifying features of the ships, but I haven't quite made up my mind yet. I prefer a not too near future type setting, rather than a classic space opera style approach, so some sort of Neo Soviet theme is a strong contender.

I'll get cracking tomorrow and hope to have a decent sized force based, painted and ready for action by the end of the weekend. I'm under a bit of a workload squeeze at the moment, so bite sized mini-projects have to be the way forward for a few weeks at least. This is a bit of a trial run so, if I can pull it off, I'm hoping to expand my mini-project 'weekend wargaming' efforts over the next two or three months.

(the AK47 project has now been put on ice for a few weeks as a result...but it will be back!)

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