Saturday, 26 January 2013

Duel in the Dark

One of the things I've promised myself this year is to spend greater time actually playing games, rather than just preparing for them. As a result, I'm going to try to play more boardgames which require virtually no set up time and can be pulled out of the box at a moments notice, which is especially useful given my current scarcity of time. I used to play loads of board wargames, so it's not something radically new and should be easy to get going again, if I can find the sort of games that suit my current circumstances.

As part of this effort, I'm trying to set up an X Wing game at the club with some like-minded players, but I've also been on the lookout for simple, pick up and play style historical wargames. I already have quite a few in the cupboard but most are of the Squad Leader school of gaming, so a bit too involved for an evenings' lighthearted entertainment. However, I have just acquired a copy of Duel in the Dark which looks absolutely spot on for my level of one brain cell, beer and pretzels boardgaming.

It has the added appeal of the subject matter and, from the reviews that I've read, both looks and plays in an impressive style. I'm planning to try out the game solo as soon as it arrives in the post, so that I can master the rules, then intend to get some games going at home with the boys and at the club as well. I think this will enable me to balance my work and home commitments with my wargaming hobby a little better. It also means that I can still crack on with my miniatures based projects, when time allows.

(Incidentally, my plans to start on the Operation Bodenplatte project have fallen foul of the usual obstacles today but I'm hoping to have a crack at some more basing up tomorrow, if I can squeeze it into the ever busy schedule).

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  1. I will be keen to hear a detailed review of this, I've been contemplating it for some time