Sunday, 13 January 2013

Bag The Hun Operation Bodenplatte [11]

Leading Edge (L) Raiden (R)

Leading Edge (L) Raiden (R)

The Luftwaffe Fighter Collection

It's been the usual very busy Sunday, made even more so by number two sprog having an away training session for rugby, which required a four hour excursion to the wilds of Alton this morning. At least I had some time to think about up and coming wargame related things, while I froze my knackers off in a wind blasted muddy field. I've had a few ideas that may well see the light of day, although they're all from the extensive back catalogue of unrealised projects.

On return to HQ, I found myself parcelling up several packages of surplus to requirements wargame stuff that I successfully shifted on Ebay. This took far longer than expected and resulted in a lot of purple language, as I individually bubble wrapped tiddly tanks and stabbed myself with scissors. It's worth it, however, as I have now raised a very respectable £200 toward future projects.

I have achieved something today, though, having worked out the cards I need for the Bag the Hun game on Tuesday, along with clarification of the special manoeuvres for the Italians that are mentioned but not explained in the rulebook. I've also had a chance to inspect the superb Leading Edge Ta152 models that I ordered from Museum Miniatures in the January sale, along with some equally smooth Bf109G's for the Operation Bodenplatte project.

In comparison with the excellent Raiden Miniatures equivalent, you can see that the Leading Edge models are sleeker and less defined but, in my opinion, have a certain sculptural quality that strands them apart. Before I get too arty farty, I hasten to add that they're also very easy to paint and will match my existing collection of late war Luftwaffe fighters really well.

...when I get round to them that is.

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