Monday, 21 January 2013

Kindle Fire HD

I've been playing around with the Kindle Fire HD over the weekend and have now uploaded most of my .pdf rules from the laptop, using the USB cable that comes with the reader. It's a very simple process that only requires a bit of dragging and dropping. As a result, I now have my back catalogue of rules well and truly accessible including all the stuff by the Toofatlardies, some Wessex Games essentials, the GZG Full Thrust library and some top notch AAGE rules as well, all in glorious spinny rotaty technicolour.

I've also been browsing for free or very cheap military history books to download, which may well open up an enormous but interesting can of worms. I've found two titles already, the first a biography of a Canadian Kittyhawk ace, the second an autobiography of a less well known Beaufighter pilot, both of which look suitably inspirational. In fact, the latter has inspired me to make the most of the soon to end Museum Miniatures 25% off sale, with the aquisition of half a dozen sleek Beaufighters for the BTH2 Malta project.

It's all in a good cause...


  1. Amazon do a daily deal on one book (usually 99p) and I've picked up some excellent history ones here. eg. 'Storm and Conquest: The Battle for the Indian Ocean, 1808-10' by Stephen Taylor on Saturday.

    You can set up a daily email alert which is useful even if most get trash canned immediately so you don't miss anything (the offers are strictly 24 hours).

  2. Great idea and fabulous tip off from Steve.

  3. Cheers Steve!

    Off to work out the Amazon thingy wotsit...

  4. I probably shouldn't bring this site to your attention... :-)