Friday, 4 January 2013

AK47 Winter Warmer [1]

I've decided to make the AK47 project the first effort for 2013, so have been finishing off the last few units for the superpower backed army that I started to assemble over the Summer holidays. I've managed to base up the last few S/A and heavy weapons bases for the militia unit, and have based up the armoured cars that I prepared previously, with an additional Ferret to add a bit of much needed firepower.

I've also assembled the QRF Vickers MBT's, one of which needed to have the barrel drilled, pinned and glued together after it arrived in two seperate pieces. I have the QRF Saracen APC's to build, some casualty markers to do and the plastic helicopter kits to construct over the weekend, by which time I'll be ready to start painting things up. In theory at least?

PS For some inexplicable reason, I can no longer upload pictures directly from my hard-drive but have to use the clunky Picasa web albums thing instead...a right pain in the backside!!

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