Wednesday, 6 May 2015

Ion Age 15mm Skylark Out of the Box Review

I have always wanted to re-live my mis-spent school days playing games of Laserburn and Imperial Commander with my mates in the Sixth Form common room, instead of freezing my knackers off on a dripping wet Cornish hillside on a futile Wednesday afternoon cross-country run in double P.E. I hated P.E. although I was quite good at athletics...believe it or not?

Anyway, there is some nostalgia-infused shadenfreude involved, as the less than enthusiastic P.E. teacher drove to the top of the enormous hill and sat there in his red Fiesta, fag in hand, before sending us all back down again. This has inevitably led to the aquistion of tons of vintage and re-issued TTG Laserburn miniatures, with some new additions in resin and a few extra bits from the re-vitalised space opera style Ion Age Sci-Fi range.

The latest bit of 'ooh shiny' goodness is a resin Skylark gunship lander type thing, which is destined for my Red Redemptionist hordes. As you can see, it is obviously based on and adapted from the original Laserburn law officer air raft model, so will fit in very well if you want to use them side by side. In fact, the 'Skylark' would be perfect as a Paddy Wagon alongside the Judge Dredd inspired TTG law officer range, or even as an alternative to the Laserburn Imperial Glaive APC, which is showing its age despite a re-sculpt.

A really cool mini with loads of potential and bags of retro style and all for a very reasonable price.

Thanks to the Ion Age and Mr Gavin Symes for a splendid space opera style addition to my leadpile!

(no sock puppetry...honest)

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  1. Ion Age has become my favorite mini company of late, partly for their great style (as seen here) and partly for good customer service from GS. I hadn't thought how this model was descended from the air raft but you may be right. They have a definite family resemblance.

    I also didn't appreciate how large the Skylark was, even from the pics on the Ion Age site, but these pics clearly show it! Ion Age figures do tend to be chunkier than the older ones though...

    Anyway, happy painting :)