Thursday, 7 May 2015

Galleys and Galleons [16]

The vertically challenged gremlin strikes again!

There's been a bit of a work/life screw up at home, so my time on the terrain has been cut back over the last couple of days. I have started on some of the islands and shoals, however, and I may get round to another dry brush or two this evening, once I've cleared some Year 10 marking. I have some more islands base coated but they'll have to wait until the weekend.


  1. I'm taken with the results you have had with the acrylic modelling paste. What type did you use?

  2. It's a 250ml tube of paste that I bought in France in the local supermarket of all places.

    It's from a range of art materials by a company called Lefranc & Bourgeois.

    It cost about £ euros as far as I remember?