Tuesday, 5 May 2015

Fighting Sail

There's a short but interesting review of these new Napoleonic naval rules in Wargames, Soldiers and Strategy this month, which has me thinking of another nautical project for the Summer. The rules aren't out yet but look like a fairly straightforward 'small action' rather than fleet level game, with about three or four ships a side depending on their size.

I have a small box of Langton 1/1200 scale French and British ships of the line which I originally bought for use with the old Warhammer Trafalgar rules. They're lovely models but scare me to death, given the etched brass bits and the rigging, so in the short term I may be going for a slightly less scary option. I might have a crack at one of the less daunting models, however, if I can summon the courage.

The other option will involve some Tumbling Dice 1/2400 scale Napoleonic ship models that I have ready to glue together, with two small squadrons of French and British third rates and frigates, enough for a decent sized game. I'll can paint them up alongside the larger pirate ships but need to glue them together and base them first. A good mini-project for half term!


  1. These rules have got me thinking about TD 1:2400 too. I do like TD. Are they easy to put together?

  2. They're quite easy to put together, although I have yet to try painting them!

    If I was doing it again, I'd be tempted to leave off the sails ands spars, paint eveything seperately, then glue the models together at the end.


    1. Yeah I wanted to ask this...I still have to assembly my TD ships: maybe is better to primer and paint separately. But which glue is good once painted? Which is the one that is invisible and doesn't let painted parts to fall down?

  3. I'm looking forward to seeing more about these rules. I take it the review was favourable?

  4. Yes, it was very positive and the description of the system was very clear.

  5. Sacrilege I know, but I realy don't like the Langton brass sails. I think his white metal sails have much more character to them. I have these rules on order, it'll be interesting to see what they are like.

  6. When I saw the subject I thought this was a reference to the old SPI game Fighting Sail. Also, there has been a bit of discussion along the same lines in the Facebook The Napoleonic Wargamer group. Seems just like land warfare we everyone having a difference rule set and scale. I've been using Sails of Glory, but searching for rules that will enable more than just a couple of ships per side.