Friday, 15 May 2015

Knights in Miniature

I made the habitual trip into town this afternoon, this time for the kids to get a haircut and to buy a birthday present for one of their friends. As usual, I popped into the Oxfam second hand bookshop and was pleasantly surprised to find this in the hobbies and crafts section. It's aimed at 54mm and above figure painting but has lots of ideas and techniques that could easily be used for 28mm and even smaller scales. It may not improve my medicocre figure painting efforts but, at the very least, will give me some medieval inspiration. Not bad for £1.99.


  1. Good find Jim- you can sell it to me at Claymore if it's any good ;>)

    I'm staying over at David's so may well be up for the meal too if that still happens?


  2. A bargain. It's 33 quid on eBay and Amazon!