Monday, 11 May 2015

Dragon Rampant

The latest on Dragon Rampant is that it's now available as a pre-order via Amazon, which means that it'll be out in digital and print format pretty soon:
I haven't even sorted out my armies for Lion Rampant yet, let alone organised any fantasy forces, but I'm still looking forward to the rules and some 'free for all' fantasy painting. I enjoy making things up, so any 'imagination', sci-fi or fantasy projects are right up my street. If I do this, it will be 15mm, as I have some old HOTT figures that I can paint up and a small painted skeleton army that I can re-base if I want to cut some corners. Osprey really are putting out some interesting stuff!


  1. Looking forward to these rules! Not out till December, still plenty of time!

  2. Seen the Frostgrave stuff...? Or Pendrakens 'Warband'...?
    Lots of interesting stuff to ponder...

  3. I recently got rid of my 15mm fantasy figures. Now those articles make me want to rebuild them!

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