Sunday, 3 May 2015

Galleys and Galleons [13]

Having cleared a shedload of work, I'm now cracking on with the terrain and extra bits for Galleys and Galleons, ready for a playtest at the club in a couple of weeks. Yesterday I finished the movement and gunnery range sticks, scratchbuilt another three rocky shoals ready for texturing, cut out all the movement templates and word-processed some ship record cards.

These aren't really necessary but will make it easier to refer to the ship ratings and special rules, as well as allowing the players to add suitable names to their ships and crew. They're generic at the moment and designed to be laminated but, when I've painted the ship models, I will add a picture to give each card some character. I won't post a copy here as it may give the game away about the rules mechanics too much!

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