Thursday, 21 May 2015

Back with Bag the Hun

I've offered to run a game at the club next week, as we're not going anywhere during half term and the sprog is off to scout camp, so there's no rugby. The three options in mind were AK47, a try out of the TFL coastal warfare rules 'Coastal Patrol' or a Bag the Hun 2 game. In the end, I've opted for the latter, as this got the most votes and could be turned into a scenario article for the TFL Summer Special. I also have most of the aircraft based and undercoated, if not actually painted yet!

I have two scenarios lined up, ready to convert into briefings for the players and turn cards, both based on the Operational Records Book for No263 Squadron. The first is from December 1942 and will be designed as an introduction to the Westland Whirlwind for the RAF player. It was the very first Whirlwind clash with the FW190 and involves two pairs of aircraft in a low to high level dogfight. It might not last very long but will help to get new players up to speed with the rules mechanics.

The second scenario is set much earlier in August 1941 and is bigger in scope. This time four Whirlwinds will be tackling half a dozen or so Bf109F's after an abortive attack on Lannion airfield in Brittany. This time, the Whirlwinds might even have some top cover in the form of seven Spitfire IIA's of 66 Squadron, who may or may not come to their rescue. This engagement ended in a rapid withdrawal by the Luftwaffe but, in my version, eveyone will get stuck in to some serious dogfighting.

If I have time, I'll try to find a third historical scenario just in case the other two don't work out or end too quickly, especially as I have a lot of potential games in the pile of research that I've already assembled. It would be great to try out a Roadstead mission, for example, with plenty of opportunity to combine my coastal forces 1/600th scale models with the 1/285th scale aircraft.

I'll write up the scenarios, player briefings and turn cards at the weekend.


  1. I look forward to seeing how the little Westland Whirlwind does against fighters,