Sunday, 17 May 2015

Prussian Baltic Flotilla 1864 Part Two

I've decided to pick up the Second Schleswig War naval project where I left off back in November when the meltdown at work stopped play. The plan is to get the Prussian and Danish flotillas assembled and based, along with some merchant blockade runners and some shore forts, ready for painting in June. Here's the last of the Prussians, which I prepared and undercoated today, also re-basing the original ships in the flotilla.

The big screw corvette at the front is SMS Vineta, which had only just been completed and saw limited action from Danzig against the Danish Skjold on April  30th 1864. The two 1st class gunboats are the Cyclop and the Habsicht, which sortied alongside the four 2nd class gunboats Jager, Sperber, Salamander and Wolf of the 3rd gunboat division, against the Danish Tordenskjold and Geyser on April 14th.

This gives me at least two more scenarios to re-enact, although neither resulted in any tactical or strategic outcome in real life, except to re-enforce the Danish naval blockade of the Baltic coast. I still have one more Prussian vessel to add, the screw aviso and royal yacht Grille, but I have been unable to track down a suitable model in the Tumbling Dice or Figurehead range, so may have to scratchbuild something instead. If you know of something suitable in 1/2400th scale, I'd be very interested!

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