Monday, 4 May 2015

Galleys and Galleons [15]

I've finished the terrain construction part of the project, with only some coastline and a star fort still to scratchbuild, so I've started painting up some individual test pieces. I've undercoated a small island and a shoal in a matt dark grey acrylic spray that I found in Halfords this afternoon. It's part of a range called Artfx and has excellent coverage, with a hefty 400ml can costing only £6.99. I wouldn't use it for basecoating figures but it's ideal for terrain and scenics.

This basecoat was followed by various shades of grey drybrushed over the rocks and cliffs, followed by a stipple in Foundry Phlegm Green and a wash in GW Agrax Earthshade for the scrub undergrowth on the island. The sea shade was chosen to match my 1/600th scale coastal forces, which means that I can use the terrain for WW2 as well as the Age of Sail. I thought about a tropical West Indies blue tone but, as my games will be more Pirates of Penzance than Pirates of the Caribbean, I think the darker shade will be more appropriate.

I've also assembled, based and undercoated two more merchant ships for the fleet, one a fluyt and one a merchant galleon. In the rules, one campaign option features a merchant enterprise, so another pair of cargo carrying vessels makes sense. I also really like the look of the fluyt, so may well get another from Peter Pig at some point. I'll be cracking on with the terrain over the next few days and hope to start painting the ships by this time next week.

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