Monday, 11 April 2011

Back of Beyond Books

We arrived in Brittany on Saturday and spent most of yesterday getting things sorted out, so I've had no time to post anything here over the weekend. However, I have organised a bit of reading for the holiday, including a copy of Shooting Leave by John Ure, which looks like excellent inspiration for the Back of Beyond campaign.

I'm still thinking about the campaign set up and the way the system will work. I have quite a lot of forces to accomodate, including a Bolshevik army, a British - Indian force, a British Museum expedition and a French Trans Asia exploration  and various other hangers on. I'm planning to add a Turkish or Basmachi type force as well, so it'll be a pretty crowded campaign to say the least.

I think that some sort of map related system would work well for this, with each player having a different objective and a seperate but interlinked path to follow. When forces meet thay could either ignore each other, join together or battle it out, depending on their common or competing objectives.


  1. Good stuff. I see that Shooting Leave has a commendation by Peter Hopkirk at the top and his books are pretty good too - Setting the East Blaze is specifically about Lenin's desire to spread the revolution eastwards to Samarkand and such places...

  2. Should have been Setting the East Ablaze!