Thursday, 28 April 2011

Back of Beyond Expedition [6]

I've tinkered around with the improvised armoured truck by cutting down the cab and adding some rivet holes on the armour plating, together with a front mounted machine gun for self defence. I'm happier with the end result now but it still needs some baggage to finish it off.

I've also added some bits and bobs to a second diecast truck to make another unarmoured machine gun carrying vehicle. You may have noticed the lack of a machine gun but I'm thinking of getting a pack of pintle mounted guns from Pulp Miniatures (via Minituricum) to kit them out with something suitably intimidating.

If I can winkle some time out of the tedious royal wedding agenda over the weekend, I'll try to put together a second ad hoc armoured car and the last of the unarmoured trucks, so that I have everything assembled for painting by the start of May. Fingers crossed.

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