Monday, 25 April 2011

Back of Beyond Expedition [3]

I had a struggle with the Copplestone Garford Putilov today, due in the main to a missing back axle and an annoying superglue setting problem. I solved the back axle issue using some brass rod and a bit of colourful language. The superglue gremlins were subsequently banished by the judicious use of spit as an accelerator, although I did manage to superglue my tongue to my teeth in the process.

Thus, having completed the %$£^&* Garford Putilov, I moved on to one of the unarmoured Mack AC Bulldog trucks. These are from the Models of Yesteryear diecast range and scale out to around 1/55th or thereabouts, so within the realms of 28mm suspended disbelief. They are, however, a little on the bland side so I added a few extra plastic card and balsa bits in order to make the first one look less tidy.

I'll tackle the other one tomorrow and, perhaps, have a crack at the improvised armoured version.


  1. "I did manage to superglue my tongue to my teeth in the process" - OUCH!