Friday, 8 April 2011

Back of Beyond Trans Caspian Campaign

I've decided to set the proposed Back of Beyond campaign in what is now modern day Turkmenistan. This is a great location, given the armies that we have available amongst the club members and the intersting post WW1 events that might have taken place in the region. It's a bit further West than the conventional Back of Beyond scenario which makes it a bit out of the ordinary.

It limits the number of potential armies that might be used but that makes it easier to fit things together into a logical framework. It also allows for some original armies to be included if there is an appetite for something a bit different. Finally, it gives me plenty of scope to work out a new campaign system based on an actual map rather than a turn matrix, with all the depth and detail that makes for a bit more 'derring do'.

I'll be working this out over the Easter holidays, so hope to have something a little less fluffy in a couple of weels time. Until then I'm doing some background re-reading and scrounging ideas from various existing campaign systems, from Darkest Africa to 1644 and back again. I'm hoping that it'll fall together without any major headaches?

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