Monday, 4 April 2011

Red Armoured Train [13]

Last night I stayed up late to work on the tender for the armoured train, as I wanted to get it finished by the end of today. I started by cladding the tender in strip wood after extending it at the back to make it more like the real thing. I then started to plate up the sides using Peter Pig plastic bases and also added a footplate from plastic card.

I'm hoping to have the whole thing finished this evening, ready for a black undercoat and painting. I've also decided not to build another armoured artillery wagon for the moment, as I'm running short of time. Instead, I'm going to make a simple flat wagon to run in front of the locomotive. This can be loaded up with old rails and other stuff to act as protection against derailing or I can add some machine guns or a field gun to it at a later date.


  1. I'm really enjoying these armored train cars you're making. I've been kicking around ideas for a train robbery scenario for Outrider although my setting is post-apocalyptic-meets-old-west, these have the right 'throwback/scavanged' look. Time to start digging for bits and writing train rules for Outrider ... curse you ;)

  2. Cheers chaps!

    I'm hoping to finish the whole thing by Friday, as I'm off to France at the weekend.

  3. This is fantastic work-your blog is excellent!