Sunday, 24 April 2011

Back of Beyond Expedition [2]

A little later than predicted but here are the bulk of the figures for the Back of Beyond oil prospecting expedition, including a commander, a sniper, seven roustaboubts and a BAR gunner. The Lewis gun equipped figure had a bit of an accident whilst being cleaned up, so will be replaced with a second BAR gunner once he arrives in the post.

In the meantime, I've drafted in a spare Artizan US marshall figure as a stand in. I've also headswapped a Turkish Maxim gunner with a spare Indiana Jones figure to create a machine gun unit for the expedition. I've left off the loader, as I have a finite supply of suitable heads and also quite like the look of the single figure on the base, which I'll tart up with some additional extras to fill up the space.

I've also cleaned up the mercenary tatty Russians including a Maxim machine gun team, with a Bolshevik loader for extra scruffiness. I reduced the number of the mercenary unit to fourteen, including a standard bearer and office figure but this means no duplicate figures have been used, which is a nice touch.

I've also finished the assembly of the 1/48th scale Smer DH2 which only requires a bit of detail painting, some wethering and a couple of suitable decals to be ready for action.

I'll undercoat everything tomorrow and crack on with vehicles, including the Garford Putliov, the improvised armoured car and the two (or three) unarmoured AC Mack Bulldog diecast trucks that will make up the oil prospecting convoy.


  1. Wow !! Good job my friend!I see that you have much to do :-)

  2. WoW - thats what I call progress!