Thursday, 11 April 2013

A Splendid Little War

I finished reading A Splendid Little War on the Kindle HD today and it was rather good, much to my surprise. I don't read fiction as a rule, prefering military history over historical stories, as they tend to be less than realistic and often feature ridiculous storylines. Anyway, I enjoyed this one and will be downloading some more of the series. I've been interested in the Russian Civil War for many years and also the First World War in the air, so this story was an excellent combination.

I've had a few passing thoughts about wargaming the RCW air war too. I have several 1/72nd WW1 aircraft that I built for use with the excellent club hex based rules, Knights of the Sky, including a handful of Imperial Russian Nieuports and a lone Anatra Anasal. I could easily add some Soviet fighters to this but, as most people seem to use 1/144th scale these days, that would probably be a better option. However, this is all rather unlikely at the moment, unless I get an unexpected urge to 'bash some Bolos'.

The Kindle turned out to be a great way to transport books on holiday, without lugging around hefty hardbacks that always get bashed and biffed in the process. I'm going to take the Kindle instead of books in the future, as it's ideal for reading through .pdf rules and supplements, as well as background research for my various on-going projects. Not that I'm going to stop collecting and reading books, having just bought four second hand books today!


  1. Always take one book with me just in case the e-rader goes belly up!

    Robinson has written some excellent fiction on various aerial topics well worth writing.

    On the RCW I bought a superb book from Gauntlet Publications (IIRC) a translation of a Russia book, chock full of fascinating info. If you get into it I'll dig it out for details (not on Kindle!) Needs to be 1/144th so you can get a Muromets!

  2. Hi Steve,

    I have a couple of the Gaunlet books on Uniforms of the RCW (in Russian but with translation booklets) but not the one I think you're refering to.

    Is it the one with the Nieuport 21 on the cover? If so, you're a very lucky chap! Where did you find it?

    The Muromets might raise some eyebrows in the Ministry of the Interior but...I might be persuaded?


  3. Hi Jim, Derek Robinson is by fare the best auther I have come across covering air combat in WW1-2. I have a collection of approaching 500 paper backs, all of them about air combat. He is the stand out author in my view.

    All the best