Sunday, 21 April 2013

AK47 200th Post!

There's been a bit of an AK47 revival at the club this year. It's been kicked off by a few games that I've set up over the last couple of months which seem to have inspired a core group of AK47 enthusiasts, although they don't have any armies of their own yet. To move things on, I've decided to add another army to my extensive collection, this time in the form of a Religious Movement of some sort.

I already have two fully painted armies and a third that's all ready based for painting up but this time round, I'm going for the cheapest and quickest option. The force is made up of all my left over and spare figures, most of which I aquired via Ebay, at shows or in the QRF sales. It's a rag tag collection of stuff but that fits in really well with the army format and should give me lots of opportunity for ad hoc units.

So far, everything I've pulled together has been from stuff I had lying around in various boxes, but I have ordered some top up militia figures and heavy weapons from Peter Pig using a £25 voucher that I got for my birthday. So, no cost involved. I have, however, spent just under a tenner on some more katyusha rocket launchers from The Scene, as they are great for kitting out technicals including two diecast trucks that I found in the kids toy box.

When I get round to basing this lot up and painting them, I'm going to go for a basecoat of Dark Brown, using the Halfords Ultra Matt Camouflage spray that I've used on the 28mm US infantry. This will give me an instant skin shade for the militia, many of which are wearing very little indeed, so it'll speed the painting process up straight away. The vehicles will get a black undercoat and then a  simple three stage drybrush with lots of rust and dust weathering to finish them off.

I'm going to tackle this lot at some point in the next few weeks, although I'm in danger of mission creep given the other couple of projects that I have on the go. I'll just have to make a decision and pack one or other of them away for the moment, leaving me with time to concentrate on just one thing. In the meantime, as this is my two hundreth AK47 related post (blimey!), I have decided to commemorate the occasion by setting up another AK47 game for next month...more about that later.


  1. Is that 15mm or 28mm I always forget?

  2. 15mm...mostly Peter Pig but with some QRF and Skytrex vehicles.

    It could easily be donw in 28mm though, with one figure per base.