Sunday, 28 April 2013

AK47 Objective Marker...finished!

I had a couple of hours today to play around with the AK47 peacekeeper checkpoint, with the end result being a completed objective marker that I can deploy in the game the week after next. I'm pleased to have finished this little vignette which has been hanging around for ages and is now ready for use. A bit of a change from the usual at the very least.

So pleased in fact, that I've started on another one, this time a guerilla training camp complete with drill sergeant / political commissar and a bunch of terrified new recruits. I'm hoping to finish it off in time for the game, alongside some dodgy resin adobe houses that I'm converting into AK47 style dodgy resin adobe houses, with the addition of some air con, TV aerials and the odd bit of corrugated iron sheet.


  1. Very nice, love the colors!!

  2. Fantastic work. The detailing on the peacekeeper checkpoint is brilliant. Can I ask what you used for the corrugated sheet?

    I'd like to make some shanty dwellings in 15mm scale, but I'm not sure what material will be the cheapest/most effective for corrugated sheeting. Cheers.

  3. Thanks chaps,

    The corrugated iron is model railway plastic card sheet by Wills. You can get it in model shops. I bought a couple of packs to make shanty towns but haven't got round to it yet..