Saturday, 13 April 2013

Coastal Warfare Sea Cloth

On the way back to the ferry the other day, we stopped off for lunch at a shopping centre outside Morlaix. To keep the kids happy, we went round the supermarket where I found a discounted duvet cover and pillow set for 10 euros. The duvet cover is about 6' x 4' so not far off a normal wargames table in size, although I could double it in size if I unstitched a couple of seams and laid it out. It's not perfect but for the equivalent of seven or eight quid, I'm not that bothered and it's a lot better than anything else I've found so far. I may have a go at toning down the whiter areas with some green and blue dye or fabric paint, using the pillow cases to experiment on. If that doesn't work, the cover will make a very effective sky cloth for non-hex based aerial games like Air War:C21, so it's a result either way.


  1. For North Atlantic I'd sponge/stipple it dark green, then airbrush over with a watery grey-blue

  2. What a great find; is it worrying that everywhere we look we see possible wargame terrain building materials?