Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Pike and Shotte Game

I took part in an excellent ECW game of Pike and Shot at the club this evening as one half of the Royalist command. The game was really good fun and looked great, thanks to the umpire who explained everything really well and kept things moving along at a good pace. I was really impressed by the 28mm figures that he painted up using the Army Painter approach. It made me think again about the 28mm Cornish Royalist army that I have long planned to put together, also using the 28mm Warlord Plastic figures, perhaps as a project for the Summer holidays in a few months time?


  1. Superb looking game. Are they Warlord figures? They look excellent!

  2. The game does look fabulous. Pike and Shotte has become a firm favourite of mine since I played my first game with them last year. Terrific fun!
    Best wishes,