Thursday, 4 April 2013

Shapeways CR42 Falcos

I've dipped a tentative toe in the water and ordered two sets of these 1/288th scale CR42 Falcos from Shapeways. The only material option for these is FUD, so they are a bit on the pricey side with the postage added on, but not much more than buying three packs of fiddly metal planes from GHQ. I would have gone for the cheaper Scotia or Heriocs and Ros option, but I've had some really terrible castings from both in the past and suspect they might not be up to scratch. Anyway, I'll see what these ones are like and, if they're any good, I may order something else from the same designer.


  1. I hope they turn out OK too :)
    These were done as a request on the TMP forums I've not got a copy of them myself yet.
    The FUD material usually needs a few good washes in hot water and detergent to get it properly clean for painting.

    If you'd like any of the other models scaled to 1/288 just ask.


  2. Thanks Paul,

    I'll have a look see.

    Your Po-2's look pretty good for starters.


  3. Sorry - Looks like Shapeways rejected the print. The sprue holding the prop was too thin.
    I'll get the model updated tonight so you can try ordering again.

  4. No problem.

    I'll 're-submit the order tomorrow.

    Thanks for sorting it out.



  5. Failed again I'm afraid - this does sometimes happen when I've not got the first copy printed.

    Shapeways do "manual" checks before the first print and they've got a bit more strict recently.

    This time the struts were too thin (which they didn't spot last time?) so I've updated the model again.

    Should work this time (fingers crossed)