Friday, 5 April 2013

Bag The Hun Convoy Game [1]

I want to try out the ground attack, bombing and flak rules in Bag The Hun 2 so have decided to write another historical scenario for a multiplayer game at the end of the month. The rules sections involving attacks on ships will be the focus of the scenario, which will be based on an actual low level bomb run by six Malta based Blenheims of No107 Squadron on an Italian coastal convoy in October 1941.  This fits in nicely with the scenarios I've written before but will be a bit different for the players, whose experience thus far has been largely with dogfighting.

I've found an excellent webpage on this attack which includes both the Italian and British after action reports, so there's plenty of information to develop an accurate scenario. I'm going to start work on the scenario later today and will also fill in some more details of the actual attack so that my ramblings make some sense. In the meantime, I need to read up on the rules to work out how to fit them into the scenario briefing for the players. The rules are a bit involved so if I can simplify them for the players it will make things a lot easier all round.

As far as models go, I have the Blenheims already but need to scratchbuild three Italian ships including a Spica class escort, a 2000 ton tanker and a 1000 ton merchantman. I have some suitable 1/600th scale models in the coastal warfare box but I think I'll use 2D templates of the ships built from layers of plastic card, which will allow the aircraft to overfly the ships without the need to balance them on top. This shouldn't be too difficult as I use scale plans as a guide for constructing the 2D ships and they should look pretty good if I paint them up in realistic colours.

This is a Spica class DE/TB and about the right scale too!


  1. Looking forward to your scratch-builds ... Jeff

  2. What is the website? Sounds like a great resource.

  3. By the way, very nice (if depressing) painting of the Blenheim raid. Where does that come from, and who does it show?

    All the best