Sunday, 7 April 2013

AK47 Helicopter Transport

I won this spin-off on Ebay a couple of days ago for a fiver, which isn't bad considering it's full price is more than three times higher. A tip off by a fellow gamer made me look for one and I'm glad I did, as it will do very nicely as a transport chopper for either my nascent Superpower Backed army or for a UN Intervention force of some sort, for which I have some 15mm Peter Pig  FFL stashed away.

I can shift some of the leadpile..hurray!

I've also been thinking of using up all (well, some) of my left over old-style Peter Pig AK47 figures to create a fourth and final (?) AK47 army. As most of these are militia but with a handful of regulars, it seems sensible to put together either a Religious Movement or People's Popular Front force, both of which are militia heavy. I can also use up a lot of the old diecast trucks and spare vehicles that I have stashed away to create some knackered militia style technicals.

Hoot's get the idea

I have a £25 Peter Pig voucher that my sister game me for my birthday, so I could do any 'topping up' for no expense and fill in the ranks with some of the 'old style' militia before they get discontinued. I particuarly like the chaps in their birthday suits, as they will be very quick to paint and will make the army quite distinctive, especially if I add some suitably garish tribal war paint.

I'm thinking of A.L.D.I. or L.I.D.L. as army acronyms, for obvious reasons.

Quick, cheap and fun...with lots of scratchbuilding too!

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