Monday, 29 April 2013

AK47 Objective Markers...again

I got a bit carried away this evening and knocked together yet another AK47 objective marker, this time in the form of a knocked out Poundland diecast APC. This had it's chunky wheels removed and replaced with much smaller ones from a couple of cheapo toy cars, the idea being to represent the hubs of the wheels once the tyres had been burned away.

A plastic .50cal from a spare toy tank was glued into the hole in the roof instead of the missle launcher thing that came with the toy. I've kept the base very simple with three Woodlands Scenics trees to add a bit of a filler. I did think about adding some Peter Pig casualty bases to the scene but, as this will be a long destroyed vehicle covered in rust and weeds, I thought that would have been a bit over the top.

...very quick, very easy and very cheap.


  1. Jim this work is really very good...well done I love reading how you do this.

  2. That is going to look good - probably a world away from the original Poundland version!

    You're really on a roll with these markers - just a suggestion, why not take of a wheel on one corner, and have the vehicle 'collapse' into the base?

  3. Good point...I've sanded down the wheels as the whole thing looked a bit too perky, for want of a better term.

    It 'sits' better now, so I'll post some pictures when I've painted it upo a bit more.



  4. Very nice, reminds me of XA-180 :D
    I like it, tho at this point looks a bit too clean to be busted wreck in terms of trash and debris - but the paint job will propably do miracles.