Monday, 8 April 2013

Bag the Hun Convoy Game [4]

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I spent an hour or two this afternoon drafting a plan of the set up for the Bag the Hun 2 convoy attack game, using a basic sketch that I'd worked out beforehand. The ships will be on table at the start of the game and will sail up the grain of the hex mat, with the option of some zig zags to throw off the attackers. They will have a maximum speed of three hexes per turn so plenty of time for the Blenheims to make their attack run.

The Blenheims will enter on Turn One from the North East corner of the playing area, initially in vics of three but with the attack carried out in 'offset formation' as described in the Italian convoy commander's report. They will be at Level 2 to start with, dropping down to Level 1 for the run in. I've divided them into two flights, one of F/O Greenhill, Sgt. Broome and Sgt. Routh (Red) and one of Sgt. Leven. Sgt. Baker, and Sgt.Harrison (Green).

The Junkers 88A4 will have the chance to intercept the Blenheims from Turn 3 onwards on the roll of a D6, requiring a 6 to get on table, intially at Level 3. I doubt it will make an appearance and, if it does, it'll have to push the throttle wide open to get into range of the Blenheims before they exit the Western edge of the table. This would seem to fit with the after action reports of both the Italians and the British.

I may give the Blenheims the option of a second attack run, if they have any bombs left and/or miss the  first time round. In reality, they'd probably make good their escape as soon as possible but that might make for a very short game. In this case, I'd allow them to circle around off table for two turns before making their run in from the South Western edge of the table, which seems the most likely option.

The bomber crews would rate as Veteran with F/O Greenhill as a possible Junior Ace, while the Junkers 88 crew would be Regular. The Priaruggia and the Partenope would rate as Flak Experts, while the A.Fassio would be standard Flak crews. This would help to balance out the scenario and also matches the slightly contradictory accounts from the Italian and British reports.

There's a few more things to sort out but I'm getting there...


  1. This all sounds quite reasonable. I also think that if Partenope had not been so devastatingly effective againts the first run, the remainder would have attacked. But I guess after seeing 2 out of 3 being killed in front of them, the second flight probably had no appetite (and who can blame them).

    I wonder how these men managed to get up in the morning, go to the Briefing Room, and then climb into their planes, at the loss rate they were suffering.

    All the best


  2. Here's a picture of her in wartime dress:

    All the best




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