Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Atlantic Wall Kermor Plage

We went for a walk this morning on the beach between Ste Marine and Il Tudy. The weather was stunning although it was a bit on the windy side and rather nippy. On the walk, I had the chance to investigate some of the bunkers that are positioned half way along the beach, although I didn't get to see the ones I think are located at the far western end. The two that I did check out are very interesting, although the larger one has been blown to pieces at some point, probably for the scrap metal.

The smaller of the two is very well preserved but I'm intrigued by the sticky outy bit on the front, which seems to have no obvious function. I'll have to go back to have a look at the other end of the beach, as I've seen some photos of the after effects of a storm a couple of years ago which uncovered a couple of tobruk stands and a weapons pit, none of which I could locate today. It's a lovely beach too, so well worth a return trip, given that it's only fifteen minutes away.

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