Wednesday, 1 May 2013

AK47 Colonial Settlers APC's

In recent games of AK47 my colonial settlers have come off worse, mainly due to the small size of the army and it's limited options. I painted the army up a good ten years ago, so it's a bit long in the tooth and not exactly up to my usual standards, especially as it was done in a rush. They've served me well over the years but are definately outnumbered by the opposition.

To add some extra mobility and firepower for the game next week, I've finished painting up three old Peter Pig M113 APC's, all armed to the teeth with .50c cals and capable of transporting six bases of infantry between them. These were crudely painted second hand models which I over-painted to match the other vehicles in the army but never got round to finishing off.

They're a bit basic but I'm sure will come in handy as the basis of a regular armoured infantry unit for the game on Tuesday.

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