Monday, 6 May 2013

Newsflash - Nbuto spearhead strikes Mbote border (Reuters)

From our correspondent in Watumbi

Reports are coming in of a punitive strike by units of the FART on Mbotean positions in the disputed border zone along the Bagombo River. The situation is very confused but initial indications are that a mobile column of Force Action Rapide Territoriale armoured vehicles, supported by helicopter gunships and airborne paratroopers, has crossed the border and has engaged localised units of the Mbote Defence Force.


The UN Combined Regional African Peacekeeping mission has withdrawn it's units from the combat zone but has yet to confirm the situation on the ground. In a statement from CRAP HQ, Major Short-Cummins, military spokesman for the peacekeeping organisation, acknowledged the inability of the peacekeeping force to actually keep the peace but suggested that a nice cup of tea might calm things down a bit.

(in other words, it's another AK47 game tomorrow, this time with the colonial settlers as the attackers!)

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  1. I do like your news flashes always make me smile.