Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Bag The Hun Operation Bodenplatte [16]

It was much harder than I thought to paint the late-war camouflage on the B109K's but the end result isn't too bad. I have another two to finish off but they're half way there already, even if they look a bit rough around the edges. The pair that I've finished need the hex stands painted but are otherwise ready to use. I'm definately a bit rusty when it comes to painting the glazing but I think a new 000 brush will help a lot, assuming I can get one in town tomorrow. Next, I'm going to finish off the Karl's then have a go at a couple of Me262's.


  1. very nice, and very fast turn round indeed! are they 1:300?

  2. Looks very nice. I particularly like the way the cockpit glass and camo looks.

  3. Well done! What brand are the stands?

  4. Thanks,

    The planes are Raiden Miniatures 1/285th scale.

    The stands are also by Raiden.

    You can get both from Magister Militum if you're in the UK.

  5. I love the way your planes always turn out. Very good painting, and great detail. It would be an honor to see them all in person one day!