Friday, 10 May 2013


In AK47 game the other day, the attackers got the upper hand early on thanks to some repeated five and six rolls in the deployment phase, so had four of their five units on table at the start of the game. The defenders rolled a series of ones and twos, so only had one unit on the table making it very difficult to avoid being over-run by the time reinforcements could arrive.
To avoid a walkover by the attackers, I decided to throw a spanner in their works, if only to slow them down a bit. The defenders had wisely set the attacking table edge on the other side of a river, with the only way across for vehicles being the bridge in the centre. I had already ruled that the river could be waded by infantry, which isn't actually allowed in the rules but seemed reasonable to me.
Anyway, to stop the defenders being wiped out by Turn 4, I decided to deploy the crocodiles. When the attackers tried to cross the river with their infantry, I made them roll a D6 for each group, with 6 resulting in an instant kill. This meant that they lost a group then got caught in the crossfire from the defender's HMG's, making it possible for the outnumbered MDF to hold their position in the nearby jungle.
It worked well, so I'm adding some wildlife to the AK47 collection and may even make up some additional 'enter a template' random events for future games. There was an article by Chris Peers in an old issue of Wargames Illustrated along similar lines, so I'll have to see if I can dig it out and make up some house rules of my own. In the meantime, there are some crocodiles in the post!


  1. What a great idea where are you getting your crocodiles from?

  2. The evil umpire can have more fun than the players. :)

  3. The crocs are from the peter pig range