Wednesday, 15 May 2013

MDF Scratchbuilt Shanty Town...a cunning plan!

I've been stuck in a very long and dull meeting this evening, so to while away the time I doodled some ideas for a shanty town terrain template for AK47 on the seemingly endless agenda. I've had some thoughts about scratchbuilding a shanty town template or two before, having been inspired by the one that my arch-nemesis Jon built from cereal packets, chewing gun and string a few years ago. I don't know how he does it but he always makes something amazing out of stuff that you'd probably bin.

Anyway, I thought about the quick 'off the shelf' option first, using either the excellent resin shacks from The Scene or the newly published paper version from Finger and Toe, both of which popped up on TMP today. However, the otherwise top notch resin ones look a little too post-apoc for my liking, while the paper ones look a little bit too bland. So, it's definately back to the scratchbuilding option, for which I have a very cunning plan...sort of.

I have a pile of old East Riding Miniatures MDF bases that have now been superceded by the far more precise, laser cut version from the same source. These have been languishing in a box for ages but would make an excellent basis for construction of sturdy shanty town shacks, with only a minimal amount of cutting and trimming required. I can glue them together and stick them onto some MDF terrain feature bases, then cover them with corrugated plastic card and other detritus to make the perfect shanty town feature.

Job's a good 'un....


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