Sunday, 12 May 2013

Catastophic Structural Failure!

At the last Bag the Hun game one of the players suggested that some pipe cleaner fire markers would be a good idea, as he'd seen them used in other games and they looked really neat. I've been looking out for some suitable pipe cleaners for ages, the usual thin ones being pretty useless, so was really pleased to find some over-sized ones in the local art shop yesterday, especially as they came in a dayglo orange colour.

I folded them in half then sprayed them in a black, grey and white colours, followed by an overspray in satin varnish to seal everything in. After that, I cut the pipecleaners in half and trimmed off the ends to make them look less regular. Although the end result is a bit over-scale I think they look OK, so have produced a small box full ready for the game next week.


  1. We've been using the thin ones for Wings of War for a couple of years now. You can get orange, black and grey ones dirt cheap from Hobby Craft

  2. A great idea, it works nicely. I can see it being useful for other purposes, like representing flamethrowers in GASLIGHT games.