Saturday, 11 May 2013

AK47 Summer Safari (1)

After the recent AK47 games that I've run at the club, I really what to crack on with another army so that I can set up a campaign later in the year. Although I have tinkered with other things in the last few months, I keep coming back to AK47, which is why I've set out to paint up a Religious Movement army by the end of next month.

I could tackle the Superpower Backed force that I prepared last year but the mix of unusual units and vehicle kit bashing that the Religious Movement army involves is a definite vote winner. Anyway, as a case in point here's the first unit, a small arms and RPG equipped militia force. The army lists specify at least three miltia units, so it's probably the best place to start.

I thought it would be distictive to use only naked figures, although this meant I had to be imaginative when it came to basing, as I only had three figure poses plus the kneeling RPG chap to use. In the end I did some conversions on the RPG figure to create a standing bloke and drafted in a few native trackers from my PITS box for variety.

All together, the basic unit of eight S/A and two RPG's is only worth a feeble seventy points but it's enough to field a militia unit as one of the two compulsory vehicle free units in the army. They will be easy to paint up as well, using a black undercoat and layered skin shades, together with some detailing for the guns, webbing and so on. I may even add some tribal war paint, if I can work out how to make it look like the real thing?


  1. I always think running naked rt through the undergrowth might not be as much fun as it sounds.

  2. General Butt-Nakeds legacy is still alive!