Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Change of Plans...Again!

I've decided to leave the AK47 army for the moment, as it seems very unlikely that I'll make any significant progress with it over the half term holiday, at least not enough to achieve anything like a finished job. I'll pick it up again next month but, in the meantime, I'm going to try to tackle another of my projects for this year, which offers a much higher probability of successful completion.

There was some enthusiasm for late war BTH2 after the game the other day and, as I already have the Luftwaffe fighters prepped and based, it makes sense to try to paint up at least some of them over the course of the half term. They're less fiddly than the early war stuff, for a start, as the camouflage patterns are a bit ad- hoc and have plenty of scope for variations in approach.

If the weather continues to be rubbish, I'll also be able to escape from forced labour in the garden, giving me some quality painting time in the garage instead. I'm a bit worried that something disturbing in the DIY genre will be foisted upon me by the Ministry of the Interior, but she's off for a five hour hairdo this afternoon, so it looks like the coast is clear.

...first up, some Bf109 Gustav's and Karl's, to be followed by some Fw190 Dora's.

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