Monday, 27 May 2013

Bank Holiday Bonus

I've spent most of the day in the garden, sorting out a section at the back so that I can move the trampoline tomorrow to a new play area, as far away from human habitation as possible. As a result it's been a washout as far as painting is concerned, although I may get some undercoating done this evening once the kids are in bed.

However, I was very pleased to find that the Toofatlardies have pulled a fast one and have published their latest Summer Special, well in advance of the actual Summer. I haven't had a chance to slim through it yet but there's an article for BTH2 which looks very interesting, along with all the other stuff that is always worth a read.

I've also taken advantage of the 15% off bank holiday sale at The Scene to add some more of his excellent 15mm katyusha rocket launchers to the AK47 army that I'm currently painting up. These will be destined for use as ground mounted RCL for the main body of the militia units, with a couple set aside as armament for Toyota technicals.

...not a bad result.

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